Windows 8 garbage

After upgrading the Windows system to the recent Windows 8 it accumulates quite a lot of garbage:

Windows 8 Disk Cleanup

– Previous Windows Installations ~12GB
– Error Dump File – BSOD :( ~700MB
– Temporary Windows Installation ~5GB
– Windows ESD Installation ~2,5GB

All sums up to roughly 20GB. This is a lot of a wasted storage space for laptops with SSD drives, whose capacity is often around 120GB.
And this information is hidden in the System Drive (c:\) -> Properties -> Disk Cleanup -> Clean up System Files.
I’d expect to find it in the context menu for Recycle Bin or alternatively Add Programs and Features/Uninstall a Program area (that’s where I will search to free some space on my computer by default!). It’s hard to think where to find this cleanup option after using modern smartphone OSes. Even after years of using Microsoft operating systems this seems very counter-intuitive.

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